About Ellen

My Story


Let me get real with you.  

There was a point in my adult life where I was heavily medicated, constantly overwhelmed, frequently self-sabotaging, and completely uninspired.


Despite performing in an acclaimed young artist program directly out of graduate school, I felt totally disconnected from who I was, what I wanted, and how I wanted to feel in my life.

My first awakening was to the value of claiming my well-being. I created OPERAfit as a safe space for me and others to stake that claim and connect with others in the process.  It was through online workouts + organic whole-food supplements + mindful eating + personal development reading that I made my first shift towards the life of my dreams.  I dropped all of my prescription and over-the-counter medications for acid reflux, I lost 25 pounds, and I lost the sob story of how I feel powerless to my operatic career and its highs and lows.  I found my power and confidence, and through that, my own success and fulfillment.

My second awakening was to the power of knowing my "being."  After a few years coaching the OPERAfit community, I hired a life and leadership coach who transformed my inner world even more.  That work centered around the idea that who I am "being" actually shapes what I am "doing" and the results I achieve in life.  When I quadrupled my income, strengthened my relationship, and experienced a whole new level of fulfillment and well-being in just 4 months of this work, I decided to become certified in this ontological form of coaching.  I now have a private coaching practice in addition to my work with the OPERAfit community and my singing!

I seek to support others in discovering their own greatness and claim their personal power. Please do schedule a complimentary call with me to share the gift of your story and explore the possibility of collaborating!

My priorities:

Holistic wellness

Daring, vulnerable artistry

Meaningful connection

Freedom through entrepreneurship

Passion, love, & adventure